My name is Helen Burgess, the owner of The Enchanted Guides.

I am an Empathic Psychic Medium and Reiki Healer, based in East Maitland NSW.

At the young age of 15 years, I discovered my psychic gifts and began my training with the well known 'The Amazing Velda'. My specific gifts include all of the Claire's (E.g. Seeing, Knowing, Feeling, etc), along with my passion for Oracle Cards, Pendulum work and Reiki Healings.

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The Enchanted Guides

Helen Burgess

Psychic/Medium - Reiki Healer - Spiritual Resources

East Maitland NSW Australia

Ph: 0421 884 860

The Enchanted Guides was created in 2019 with the intention of supporting and healing others on their spiritual journey. Growing up as an outcast who experienced psychic phenomena, which others did not understand, I felt alone and misunderstood. I questioned my existence and life's purpose. After years of feeling lost, I found my sense of belonging, my voice and my purpose within the spiritual community. The Enchanted Guides is my gift back to the world.