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My Passion, My Books!

It was always a dream to write a book and share my story, so when I was approached with the opportunity to use my voice and connect to others as a co-author, it was a dream come true. To do it twice, is a blessing!



There is nothing quite like a woman who embraces her power and unapologetically embodies her uniqueness.

She has dropped the ‘Good Girl’ mask and has decided to never again sacrifice her values for another’s approval. She is completely and utterly unapologetic in owning all of who she is. She allows herself to be seen in all her glory and unreservedly shares herself with the world. Of course, it is a life-long journey to embody your unapologetic uniqueness. It involves radical self-responsibility, forgiveness and integration of the conditioning that has kept women small for millennia.

This book shares the wisdom of women who are on a mission to inspire the unapologetic empowerment of their sisters. Unapologetic will activate you to love all of who you are and to tap into the potent magic that makes you…. unapologetically YOU.


She Is.

It takes courage for a woman to be seen as she is; for the divine feminine to be revealed. To be fully present, raw, exposed, powerful, and gloriously as she is. Powerful women share their journey into the divine feminine through these pages, providing permission for us all to own our femin-essence, to renew our connection with our innate feminine power, and to remember the ancient feminine knowledge that can powerfully guide us to know our value. This anthology explores the feminine awakening journey of each author, spiced with inspiring strength and raw emotion. Bringing the depth of their own unique experiences to each chapter, they each have navigated challenges and risks to uncover the innate gifts that lay within their being, showing us how we can reveal them too.

Women all over the world are revealing the power of the divine feminine.
There is a reason why we have been afraid to reveal who we are.
There is a reason why we have been silenced.
There is a reason we are rising up now.
The creator, the intuitive, the visionary, the knowing, the vulnerable, the authentic, the being, the belonging and the bloom of the feminine momentum is growing through us all.
Our female leaders among us are walking their talk, paving the way.
She is strong in her authentic vulnerability.
She is brave in her faith and intuitive knowing.
She is free in her divinity and wealth.
She is beautiful in her generosity.
She is wise in understanding her power.
She is woman.
She is the feminine momentum we are drawn to finally cherish and celebrate as it was meant be.
She is LOVE.


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