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About Me

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” - Shannon L. Alder

This is what I am here for! To help, to guide, to connect to the above, and use my abilities to help others know they're not alone. To help people gain clarity and understanding through challenging times, to feel more motivated moving forward, and to help clear any blockages emotionally and energetically. 

With a connection to spirit, to the living, and to animals, I am able to offer a range of services within the spiritual and healing area. For as long as I am helping others, I am living my purpose.

Education and Certifications

Certification in Angel Communication with Explore Dream Discover

Certificate executive member IICT

Certificate in channeling & mediumship with The Explore Dream Discover Centre

Certificate levels 1,2 and 3 Tarot Reading course with Miss Kelly Mystical School

Art of coaching life coaching/NLP Practioner

Reiki Master by Louise Kanjee

Reiki second degree with Lance Baker- ( Tanran reiki system)

Reiki first degree with Lance Baker ( Tanran reiki system)

Reiki first degree with Tracey Nichols Reiki second degree with Tracey Nichols

Flower therapy Healers with Robert Reeves

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Terms & Conditions

Code of Ethics​

I follow my own Code of Ethics when it comes to doing readings. I do not belong to any organization that makes me develop these ethics in order to join. I do so of my own free will. I believe that every reader should have their own Code of Ethics.

I recommend that you seek the advice of a competent physician, attorney, or financial advisor before you make any life-changing decisions. I am not an expert in any of these fields and therefore cannot give a professional assessment of your situation. I do not suggest that you consult me about every decision you make. I encourage you to think for yourself. I remind you that nothing in life is set in stone – your life is not “predetermined”. You are of your own free will to change your life. I only point out how your past and present actions, attitudes, and beliefs have a bearing of where you are and where you are headed. All readings are done in confidence – your name and your situation stay with me. I may consult from time to time an opinion from another person – but in no shape or form do they know who you are. Every reading is done without bias towards race, gender, creed, color, or sexual orientation. Advice given during a reading is not meant to be positive or negative but insightful. How you choose to accept or deny any information is solely at your discretion. How you use the information given to you is also totally up to you. You are responsible for your own actions. I have the right to refuse any client or reading that I am not comfortable with and the client has that same right.


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